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In 2010, ten years of working with CAF and more than 2000 registered CAF users were celebrated at the 4th European CAF Users event in Bucharest.   

The CAF is an easy-to-use, free tool to assist public-sector organisations across Europe in using quality management techniques to improve their performance. In the past 10 years the CAF itself (and its use) became more mature. We distinguish three main phases in this maturity process. A first phase focusing on the self-assessment, a second phase having more attention for the improvements after the self-assessment and a third phase drawing attention to the mature culture of excellence in an organisation.

In the first phase of the use of CAF, from 2000 until 2006, the emphasis was put on the introduction of TQM principles and values in the public sector by using the CAF as a self-assessment tool. Public sector organisations were not used to look at themselves, certainly not involving their own people. A lot had to be learned and most of the energy was put in spreading a sound methodology of self-assessment.

With the revision of 2006, much more attention was dedicated in a second phase to the follow up of the self-assessment: the implementation of the improvement actions that were the result of the discovery of many areas of improvement during the self-assessment. The success of CAF was measured by the improved managerial practices that were installed and that lead to better results in the results criteria of the model.

But the awareness grew in a third phase that it was necessary to develop further the concept of excellence that had been at the basis of CAF, but was not explicitly enough formulated for the public sector. If further developed, these principles could become the leading principles for building up the organisation towards the level of excellence on the basis of a sound self-assessment and an effective improvement plan. This work was done in the context of the discussions on the new Procedure for External Feedback.

We invite you to more detailed information on this and other initiatives on the website of the CAF network

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Stimuler la participation des fonctionnaires avec le CAF

Stimuler la participation des fonctionnaires avec le CAF


Risk Management in the Context of CAF and TQM


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CAF Newsletter 2013/3

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How the CAF model strengthens staff participation

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CAF and education

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Growing Towards Excellence in the European Public Sector
In 2000 the Innovative Public Services Group (IPSG) of the EUPAN (European Public Administration Network) presented the Common Assessment Framework (C...
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On Monday, 5 July 2010 Mr Benoît Cerexhe, the Brussels Minister for the Economy and Employment, in his capacity as President of the Competitiveness Council of the EU - Research Section, received the representatives of the ‘Trust Researchers' petition, led by Dr Sabine Herlitschka (Austria).
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Ministers from the Swedish government will outline their priorities for their Council Presidency in meetings with almost all the parliamentary committ...
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