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Social Dialogue Working Group

The Social Dialogue Working Group was established as a part of the two-year European Social Dialogue Test Phase. The Test Phase had began in January 2008 and concluded with a final evaluation under the Swedish Presidency in December 2009.

Supported by the results of the interim and final evaluation and proposal elaborated by the Task Force on the Future of Social Dialogue, set up by the Swedish Presidency, DGs in their Resolution of 10-11 December 2009, invited TUNED to be a partner to EUPAN in a continued structured informal social dialogue and to jointly develop rules of procedure and work program during the Spanish Presidency. In December 2010 TUNED decided to continue informal social dialogue, exclusively at the level of DGs. As the consequence activity of SDWG was temporarily put in ‘standby’ position.

In accordance with the Resolution adopted by the DGs during the 56th DG Meeting in Gödöll , the Danish Presidency, taking over the chairmanship in EUPAN from the 1st January 2011, will evaluate the experiences of this temporary mechanism.

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RomeDG - 08 - The Italian experience - Gasparrini
Social dialogue system in Italy
RomeDG - 09 - European framework agreement - Tonegutti
Promotion and Implementation of European framework agreement EUAPE/TUNED for a quality service in Central Government Administrations
RomeDG - 10 - Social responsability in the public sector - Dochot
Social Responsibility in the public sector - A self-assessment tool - Towards the development of an European

Troika meeting in Rome - Presentation of EUPAE-TUNED activities.pdf
Presentation of the Social Dialogue meeting
57th Meeting of the Directors General - final documents

The handouts of the presentations 6QC

EUPAN DG Troika + 55th DG meeting Agenda

Cerexhe receives petition for the simplification of administrative procedures for researchers
On Monday, 5 July 2010 Mr Benoît Cerexhe, the Brussels Minister for the Economy and Employment, in his capacity as President of the Competitiveness Council of the EU - Research Section, received the representatives of the ‘Trust Researchers' petition, led by Dr Sabine Herlitschka (Austria).
New European cultural heritage platform in 2011
In 2011 there will be a new European cultural heritage platform intended to enable greater collaboration with all interested parties in Europe. After all, up until now, the heritage sector has lacked sufficient organisation at the European level. This was expressed in the ‘Bruges Declaration’ that Flemish Minister for Immovable Heritage Geert Bourgeois presented at the close of a conference on the added value of cultural heritage.
The event on the European framework agreement EUPAE / TUNED for a quality service in Central Government Administrations during the Italian Presidency ...

Ministers from the Swedish government will outline their priorities for their Council Presidency in meetings with almost all the parliamentary committ...
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