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One of the most important benefits of EUPAN is the opportunity of sharing knowledge between different public administrations. Besides the documents which support the meeting, the country that holds the Presidency or any other participant (in this case after communicating to the Presidency), may deliver documents which are considered being in the interest of the working groups or the Network. The website also targets an audience of practitioners, policymakers and scholars, seeking to build and share their knowledge and experience.

Please find below the list of all documents published on this website. You can browse the wide variety of sources by articles, events, reports, studies, projects, surveys, policy papers and agendas.
EUPAN Welcome Letter from the Bulgarian Presidency

EUPAN welcome letter from the Estonian Presidency

Welcome Letter to the EUPAN Members from the Estonian Presidency.

Maltese Presidency Study - The Public Service as a Performing Organisation

Maltese Presidency - Goodbye & Thank you Letter

Maltese Presidency - Family Photo EUPAN 68th DGs Meeting

Maltese Presidency - Family Photo EUPAN Working Level Meeting

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